Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day / Dave Mark

In celebration of Saint Patrick, today's post will highlight Irish bassist Dave Marks, a hot-shot in the London scene.  He also teaches at the ICMP and has been a longtime contributor to Bass Guitar Magazine.  His web site is loaded with great material: interviews, lessons, transcriptions, and more- all totally free!  His YouTube channel is an amazing resource.  He offers live band videos, solos, and classic basslines; discusses concepts like gear, improv, and bad habits; and most importantly gives lessons: scales, ska, funk, and a fantastic 9-part series on walking basslines. 

Dave's solo version of "Message in a Bottle" is a bag o' swhag!

And to represent my home state of Georgia, I have to post one of his bands covering the soulful Ray Charles.

More St. Patty's fun after the jump!

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